Nude lips for big eyes

I love a bronzed eye – a semi-damp brush equals a wet-look finish. It is best when paired with a nude lip. When I say nude, I don’t mean nude lipstick, I mean a barely there hint of… something. The best way to achieve it is with a modern understated gloss. Or a lip oil. Lip oils provide the hydration of a balm without heaviness: you get a hint of sheen without the stickiness of a traditional gloss and if you are not in the mood for deep pigment, it’s perfect. I never really got lip oil. Now I do.

  1. Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade £48,
  2. Honest Beauty Gloss-C Lip Gloss £15,
  3. HudaBeauty Wild Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette £27,
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Scrub £20,
  5. MyBeautyBrand x Hannah Martin Perfect Pink Lip Oil £19,

I can’t live without… say what you like, my beauty fridge is cool
I have fallen in love with the beauty fridge. Ridiculous I know, but before anyone writes to me, let me be clear, no one needs a fridge for their skincare products. It is a whimsical buy. But with benefits. Popular within South Korea’s beauty movement, these are huge on social media. For me, however, it’s not about aesthetics. Now, unless created specifically for refrigeration, all skincare products should be able to exist outside a fridge. They are (or should be) rigorously stability-tested. That said, while the effectiveness of a product depends on its environment – direct light, heat, air, etc are all detrimental to your beauty products – it is also dependent on ingredients. You would do well to store any organic ‘natural’ skincare products in a fridge. These are usually created with minimal preservatives so chilling them extends their lifespan. A cool foundation is a revelation: smoother application, improved finish. Nail varnish in a fridge? No better place. Cold eye creams and manual face tools? Works harder on puffy eyes. There are some products that don’t work well in the fridge (mascara clogs). You could argue that you can just use the kitchen fridge. And yes, you could. But would you like your moisturiser rubbing shoulders with your salmon and brie? Thought not.