Sunday with Nick Frost: ‘I go through a jar of Nescafé a week’

The actor talks about his instant coffee habit, Japanese TV, throwing twigs at ducks and feeding his son banana porridge
Sun 29 Aug 2021 06.45 BST
What time are you up on a Sunday? I’m up really early, sSometimes 4.30am, but usually 5.30am. I’ll go downstairs and have a big mug of very strong, mud-brown Nescafé. I go through a jar a week. Then I’ll put NHK World on, the Japanese language channel. I watch it a lot if I’m writing, too. There’s something gentle about its programming that we don’t get here. I might get half an hour’s top-up nap on the sofa. Then at 7am my son’s up and we’ll watch Paw Patrol, Octonauts or Bluey.

What’s for breakfast? Usually toast and peanut butter. Or sometimes my son has porridge. I fry slices of banana and half of it will go into the porridge and a few slices on top – he absolutely loves it.

Do you have a Sunday routine? My brain craves routine;. I’m a fairly unhappy person if I don’t have it, so we try to facilitate that as much as possible. My oldest boy lives five minutes away, so he’ll come over and me, my two sons and my partner go on the same little route around Bushy Park. My two-year-old will throw twigs at ducks and try to get in the water, while my 10-year-old saves his life every five minutes. We might go to the Fallow Deer café for a coffee or brunch.

Do you have a Sunday roast? I’ve been cooking since I was 10 – I love it – so we usually have friends over. I’ll do my prep between 6.30-8.30am, and when they turn up at 3pm I’m on top of everything. I order meat online from the butcher, Turner & George. I make an amazing gravy, cheesy leeks, Yorkshire puddings and poached carrots in beef stock. If there are those two minutes where everyone’s quiet eating, that’s me showing off slightly.

What were Sundays like growing up? My dad was a great cook and if we had beef on Sunday, then Monday we would have beef and chips. My parents would let me hire any video I wanted. From the age of 11, I was bringing The Exorcist home.

What’s on TV now? We’ll probably be in bed at 7.30pm with a cup of tea or coffee watching a lot of Channel 5’s Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun or Bargain Loving Brits by the Sea – we love them! I’m asleep by 9.30pm if I can. I used to have real trouble sleeping so to get eight hours is a dream. And with another baby on the way, I’m enjoying it while I can.